You Just Found Out Your Partner Has Been Unfaithful.

You Need Answers.

You're Not Crazy.

You're Not Alone.

In this video series you will find the one safe place you can feel normal. You will learn that your reactions to what happened have an actual scientific explanation. This is a huge relief. From this place, you can breathe again and HEAL.


"This video series remains a trusted source of comfort and sense-making for me well above the other books, podcasts, webinars, websites, and blogs I have accessed. The content is thoughtful and well-organized. Kelly is trustworthy and soothing in her delivery, and the production quality hits just the right note – neither too slick nor too unprofessional.”

-Leigh, 53

"I don't know how people could get used to these realities of betrayal without frequent, digestible, compassionate help...Thank you!"

-Susan, 34

What's Included? 37 videos and journal prompts -

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  You're Not Alone. You're Not Crazy. Betrayal Trauma from a Bonding Science Perspective
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Video Series Package: 37 Videos and Journal Prompts


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